Rochester Bureau Respect!

I met our Chief Editor Mr. Mark Ivy years ago as a fellow journalist on CNN-iReport. I immediately noticed his skill as a wordsmith, citizen journalist. Mark was also up to date with world events and happenings. Very skilled in political writing and opinions.

When CNN iReport went down the drain due to their negligence (my opinion) Mark moved on and founded his own “Citizen Journalist” site. And he’s done a remarkable job with it. This is a hobby for many of us. I really enjoy it.

Also, during this period, “The Chief” has battled an illness. But as you see, the site is still running smooth. And I may add that C_J_L has literally operated from a hospital bed.

A devoted editor?

Big time!

We here at the Rochester bureau hereby dedicate this trophy to our leader with much respect and prayers for a total recovery, and continued success with C_J_L.